This is something I have been working on for a bit over a year now just wanted to show it off . . . cause u know . . . is fun.
BitByte is a development console designed to make it easier to learn how to program and a platform made for creating and sharing games and programs for breadboards. Utilizing a custom scripting language that loads programs and games off an external SDCard, BitByte doesn't require an IDE, special drivers, or code compilation and re-flash to make and update changes. Just pop open a text editor of your choice and have fun!

What is Micro VM? It is a heavily optimized language VM built specifically for BitByte that provides many features of modern dynamic languages with a simple yet solid API to get you up and running very quickly. (U can see an example of what the scripting looks like for the breakout game in this pastebin). The api includes special built in modes to allow raycasting, tilemapping, mode-7 emulation (like what old school racing games used).
(last image was taken on an earlier prototype hence different board . . .)

As well as being able to be used for games . . . BitByte was also made with having fun with breadboards in mind. It comes with 18 headers broken out. These include SPI, I2C, UART, 3 PWM, 3 ADC, and 3 general headers. Paired with the scripting api this encourages trying stuff out in a very simplified and easy way.

An improved version is still in the works since the current had a few issue to work out so for now only have the schematic available for the improved version but will update later when I has the final built out.

With the final the teensy will be placed into double headers so custom modules can also be attatched to the back with the main headers faceup to make it easier to use for breadboarding as well as fix some issues in the current version.
Also . . . 100% self promotion moment here but I am also running a kickstarter for this if it interests you. Need to get the final built and then will try to see about making a lesson plan as this was designed with a low bar of entry to get into it and wanted to make it something that can be used to learn with . . .
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Article posted on the website today.

Hopefully it helps your Kickstarter campaign! :)

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