CRC32 error with buffer size>= 64k


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I think the CRC32 library has a bug if the buffer size containing the data is 64k or bigger.

I wrote a little function in java running on a Linux PC calculating the CRC32 of a dummy data field(containing all 'A'):

  private static void testCrc() {
    int bufSize = 1024 * 64;
    byte[] buffer = new byte[bufSize];
    CRC32 crc = new CRC32();
    for (int i = 0; i < bufSize; i++) {
      buffer[i] = 65;
    crc.update(buffer, 0, bufSize);
    long crcVal = crc.getValue();
    System.out.println("CRC: " + crcVal);

The result of this routine is CRC: 2694514304

The same function on a Teensy 4.1:

FastCRC32 CRC32;
void testCrc(){
  int bufSize = 1024 * 64;
  uint8_t buffer[bufSize];
  for (int i = 0; i < bufSize; i++) {
    buffer[i] = 65;

  uint32_t crc = CRC32.crc32(&buffer[0], bufSize);

  Serial.print("CRC: ");

shows CRC: 0

If I reduce the buffer size by 1 (bufSize = 1024 * 64 - 1) Java and the Teensy both show the same result ("CRC: 2660141191").

If I raise the bufferSize above 64k(e.g. +1) Java is calculating 1052870317 whereas my Teensy calculates 3554254475.

Did I miss something in the documentation? Is the Teensy CRC32 limited to 64k-1 or is it a bug?

Oh, I think I can answer it by myself. I just looked into the source code of FastCRC. The length parameter for the buffer is of type uint16_t. So it looks like that FastCRC is limited to 64k-1.
My solution is to dissect my incoming data into portions <64k. To have a "real" solution FastCRC must be fixed. (At least FastCRC should return an error code if called with a buffersize >= 64k)
Note: I have idea if this will work or not, I did a quick change of his library, to convert the datalen from uint16_t to uint32_t and changed a few for loops I found that were indexing...

Other places I saw decremented the datalen and or created a pointer to after the data by adding datalen... These should work without changing...

I ran the benchmark and validation sketches on T3.2... Note I have never used this library so don't know if this will take care of all of it for everyone

And/Or there is downside for other platforms...

My Fork/Branch is up at:

You might try it to see if it works ... If so can try to issue Pull Request...
...I am eagerly waiting for the (tested) pullrequest...
maybe do it in a way that considers AVR or other "CPU"s with low Flash/RAM?