crossfader with teensy 4.0


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Hello all,

i have a simple question: Can i make an audio crossfader with a teensy 4.0?
Which audio shield should i use?

Simple answer - yes you can.

No simple answer to your seconds question. There isn't (as far as I know) a 4 input 2 output shield which is readily available. Given the level at which your question is pitched, I'd suggest you get a Teensy 4.0 and a couple of Revision D (not D2, though using one D and one D2 is possible) audio adaptors. You'll need to modify one adaptor slightly to give you the second pair of inputs/outputs - Google is probably your friend here, there isn't an immediately apparent guide to this. There is a Sparkfun guide linked from PJRC, but it's NOT relevant - it uses the Rev B adaptor with is for the obsolete Teensy 3.x range.
If there is no other audio processing is needed, a completely analog solution could also work for your purpose. There are devices available which costs the same or less than a Teensy 4.0 + 2x audio shield + fader + connectors + enclosure ... e.g.:

Keep also in mind that an analog potentiometer fader is not extremely robust. This is also the case for quality faders from Alps Alpine. For this reason there are optical faders which are more reliable for a long time.