External DSP only for fx

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Expecting to use very complex algorithms that can consume all available memory, does it make sense to use an external dsp only for High quality FX with custom algorithms?

If so, which one?
and why?

How should it fit into a normal teensy project?
??? Could you be a little more specific in your question?

I think the T4.1 is more than capable of doing complex DSP.
in my project the audio part can be done with FAUST, the idea is to make even complex algorithms so my fear is that the effects may be affected.
We use T4.1
Could you specify your project and the kind of DSP you are planning? Otherwise there is no chance anyone could help you with an idea.
ok, the project is a board designed for those who want to play but also for those who want to develop their own instrument or teaching code/dsp.
There will be 5 encoders, some rgb leds (17), 5 buttons with leds, a oled display, midi in / out audio in / out usbhost, sd card and headphone output.
By working with complex algorithms such synth + sequencer or complex synthesizers, resources could run out and therefore there would be no room for complex reverbs or other types of effects that require large resources.

however I could be wrong and the teensy 4.1 is enough
I am not at all familiar with FAUST, but by looking at the webpage it seems that there are things that can be very easily done with a T4.1 (all the filtering stuff) and more complex/demanding things (pitch shift --> CPU power, reverb --> memory)

Cannot say whether the T4.1 would be enough for your purpose. You will have to try by yourself. Reverb needs large memory -for example-, so without external memory chips you will not succeed with that. But the T4.1 has two solder places for RAM and FLASH, so could be suited.
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