Hamamatsu CCD Sensor (0.8 quantum efficiency) with 16bit ADC, SPI interface


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This is a new project. First articles are out for quote at the FAB house now. If anybody would like one of the boards, please let me know as soon as you can. Schematics and discussion are posted to github at the following link. I think it is a pretty fantastic sensor and I am excited to start using it for my research.


The Hamamatsu S11639-01 is a high sensitivity linear CCD. The specs are 20uV/e-, and a dynamic range of 10,000. Ibsen calculates the quantum efficiency at about 0.8. That is 8 to 10 times more sensitivity and 30 times the dynamic range of the low cost linear CCDs. But it is also a lot more expensive. There are a few on ebay for about $400. Fortunately the BOM for the board described here and posted to github is only $50 (current prices at Digikey). Just add sensor and your favorite host capable of SPI (a Teensy 4.0, of course).

Here are some 3d renderings from the CAD package. Sensor signals and SPI are in the header at the top. VD is the supply for the external side of the logic converters and the SPI side of the ADC, it can be the 3.3V provided by the Teensy. The analog section converts the signal to differential for the 16 bit ADC for a free gain factor of 2. There is an offset for the second stage that is adjusted by the trim pot. The Vref and power for the analog section can be jumpered to the internal supply (4V) or supplied externally.

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Ibsen's calculation for the quantum efficiency of the S11639-01 is here

The quote is back from the FAB house. If you would like to piggyback on the order, please let me know. Costs get better with more boards. See the github repository if you want to review the design.

Also, there is a carrier for a Teensy 4.0 to drive the sensor board, see image below. This is for in-house assembly. The connector across the top should connect by a short 20 pin ribbon cable to the sensor board (there is a ground in between each of the signals and two conductors for the VD supply). The header below it has pins for trigger, gate, busy for the firmware, and then duplicates for the pins to the sensor board. The resistors are on the outgoing lines. The header along the left side is for the pins going up the second side of the Teensy, i.e. A0 through 9, it is simply resistors and protection diodes on each pin. To drive the ADC of course you would want an opamp followed by an RC with an appropraite capacitor for the kickback. Nonetheless it should be okay as a digital interface or very crude analog. The lower right corner is a filter for the 5V power.

Hopefully will have both sets of boards in a week or two and will post firmware soon after.

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