How to upload programs to the Teensy

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I have worked with Arduinos for 6 months and is now trying a teensy 3.0 without much luck.
I followed the getting started and when inserting the teensy the teensy blinks and when pressing the button it stops.
I compiled the blinky program with make but teensy.exe canno find the teeny it simply always says press reset, and hence upload is not possible.
The teenduino add-on to arduino can compile but again,not upload, it states to press reset, but that does not help.
Only unplugging and reinserting the teensy can bring it back to blinking again after pressing the button.
Plugin the teesny in the win OS states a device is installed and pressing the button that another device is installed (first time)

Did i miss something, any idea how to get in contact with the teensy?

Is it the idea that you use either the make+teensy.exe OR the teenduino IDE?

I use win 7, 64 bit, USB 3.0 ports.

Hi again

Now it works, not on the computer i used, but switched to another computer also with win 7. 64bit and using a usb3.0 port.
I would say i have done the exact same things, but apparently the other comp, must have some problem. The first computer was a work computer under various group policies, so it may have an effect.

If you ever discover why that machine didn't work, please let me know.

This seems to be the way of Windows problems.... they have a way of getting resolved without ever being able to learn anything useful to prevent it from happening again.
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