json2asw - serialising and de-serialising AudioSynthWavetable::instrument_data to and from a JSON file.


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I have just made the first beta release of this project json2asw.
This project provides the following.
  1. A script to preprocess the cpp and h file pairs produced by Jannick Manicken's SoundFontDecoder. This script may also handle files generated by the original WaveTableSynthesis project, but this has not been tested. The script will produce two files, instrument.cpp and instrument.h.
  2. A c++ program to produce a JSON encoded file. This program needs to recompiled every time new instrument files are made. Running the program will produce a new JSON file from the instrument sources.
  3. A platformio library package for a class to de-serialise the JSON file and load the data into a newly created AudioSynthWavetable::instrument_data object.
  4. A platformio teensy project that demonstrates how to use the library.
The library and sketch source files should be easy to convert to Arduino IDE format. Any volunteers?