Make a game console from my led cube.

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I made this thing of beauty

There is a teensy 4.0 running the show with a custom pcb that outputs to 32 channels to run all leds. On that pcb is also I2C to a touch screen (sd card, touch input and tft screen all separate I2C devices) the frame rate is about 179 fps. Also on the board you can plug in an esp8266 for the wifi. I used UART for that. I have everything working except for the uart (didn’t try, but will probably work)

What i need is some guidance on how to take this to the next level. These are my requirements in addition to what i have:
- need to connect to TWO ps3 or ps4 controllers
- need wifi with webserver and mqtt.
- some sort of gui (littlevgl ?) on the touch screen.
- needs to play music, preferably sid or mod + extra channels for sound effects.

What i was thinking was making a PCB with the teensy and 2 ESP32. I saw plenty of sources that ESP32 can connect to a ps3/4 controller, but only one at a time.
So esp’s handle the controller and send info to teensy with UART (or whatever)
I have the audio board for teensy 4.0, but maybe let 1 ESP handle that too (controlled from teensy)
Instead of teensy handle lcd, let the other ESP do that so it’s like a nextion smart screen. (All i2c on esp)
So now all the teensy power can be used for calculations, displaying the led cube and controlling everything.

So 1 pcb, with teensy 4.0 and 2x esp. 1x Esp i2c to lcd, touch and sd. 1x esp to audio amplifier on the pcb.

End goal is to play a game with 2 players on this. (Arkanoid, tetris, poing, asteroids something like that)
I’ll probably will be thinking for quite sometime before i start this next level, since i have limited knowledge about electronics.
But i don’t mind doing hard research (it will just take me a long time).

Anybody any experience in this kind of thing? Any advice is welcome.
Well nobody able to shed some advice or point to a comparable project? I probably will start on this in about 6 months so in the meantime all advice is appreciated…
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