"New" Teensy from Micro Center

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look at my "brand new" Teensy that I bought from Micro Center. Yes, it came out of the package EXACTLY THIS WAY.

I live in Brazil and on my trips to the US I generally peek into a Micro Center to buy some of the stuff that generally takes 4+ weeks to arrive down here by mail. So, I thought some Teensy's might be a good buy. I found exactly ONE T3.1 on the shelf and asked the sales guy if he had some more. According to his system, there should have been another ten. However, he only found one more. I should have checked it before...

I'll try to unsolder the wires and see if I can get it to work.

Be warned: Check each item at Micro Center before leaving the store...



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pity you hardly live around the corner from them, if so I would suggest popping back and asking them if they know what 'brand new' means.
Bummer, so far I haven't a similar experience at my local MicroCenter. Sure they sell items returned, but they always sell it as open box with a discount. FWIW, as of Sunday the local MicroCenter (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA) had Teensy 3.1, 2.0, and 2.0++ (which they've carried for some time), but not yet the LC.
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