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I appreciate the kind words...I should have mentioned the excellent help I have received on this forum. No slight was intended!

Looks like Digikey is trying to appeal to small makers (one of their core customers I would think) and this on-line fan-zine is one of their chosen methods. I am not sure what their full intent is though...
Inspiring! Right now I work for a big corporation, but I'd love to work somewhere small that was committed to growing organically, like Pesky Productions or PJRC.
To be honest - I only started the article on my way out the door at post #2 I just wanted to be FIRST! - it had a cool start.

Having bought your stuff and worked some with you it was a good to read to the end. You do good work and make good stuff and have really evolved with your products and found a good synergy with your interest and abilities.
Really nice article. Have used your products and really liked them. I appreciate the ready sharing of information and documentation and your support through the forum. Well done.
kudos to your work and the teensy platform. I love your products. For awhile there I kept ordering 1 or 2 of your products every couple of weeks, until I finally just checked all the boxes and ordered nearly 1 or 2 of everything.
Thanks all for the kind words. I wouldn't do it if I didn't love it, but your support makes it that much sweeter.

Great interview, Congratulations on your personal success.
Also thanks for your dedication to open source and your willingness to share and to help others!
Hip hip hooray!
Not open for further replies.