Plans to Include Frank B's T4_Button lib in core?


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Hi, just wondering if there's any plans to include Frank B's T4_Button library in the Teensy core library?

I've spent time on the threads and find it extremely difficult to understand how to use it, as it goes into various registers and callback functions that are way beyond my ability to program at the moment.

But I'd love it if there was some kind of easy way to use the On/Off pin to add the functions of his lib, such as a reset, or to change the amount of time for Off to happen, and even to be able to start shutdown and interrupt/stop shutdown.

It'd be nice to be able to put a message on an LCD "Shutting Down Now" type of thing as well.

My customers have complained about my current on/off button being so slow. Of course I just told them to unplug the unit or cut power, that this was totally fine, but it kind of defeats the purpose (for me) to include an on/off button that takes so long to turn off.

And Frank mentioned in the threads he stopped developing because of misuse of licensing and also because he felt it ought to be included in the Teensy core.

So, again any plans to implement some/all of his work into an update for the Teensy 4.x?

Thanks much!