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As a fan of Teensy and the amazing engineer/artist/composer Jeroboam Fenderson, and also a collector of antique oscilloscopes, I was inspired (compelled?) to build this simple stereo player / scope XY display driver.

DSC_3128a.jpg DSC_3120.jpg

A T3.2 with audio shield and SparkFun TeensyView OLED display cycles through stereo .WAV files loaded on micro SD, and plays them to both headphones and line level BNC jacks. Driving scope X and Y with the left and right channels respectively, while listening to these works, renders a mind-blowing audio-visual experience. Downsampling the files to 44.1 kHz lost a bit of high-order detail, but graphics are still stunning on a sharp CRT. And the audio is awesome (of course). Makes an irresistible analog scope demo. I set it up to play test signals from the audio library if no SD card is inserted.

Everything is off the shelf from PJRC, SparkFun or the corner drugstore ($0.99 plastic box). Support the artist by purchasing his work, as I have done, and liking his youtube posts.


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