Previous versions of Teensyduino


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Apologies. I know this has been asked before but cant seen to find the thread.
Having trouble finding previous version of Teensyduinio.
I want to try version 1.57 to rule out the tool chain changes in a issue I am seeing.

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If using Arduino IDE 2.x.x, use Boards Manager and click the drop-down list to switch between any of the versions which support the newer IDE.

If using old Arduino IDE 1.8.x, go to the download page, scroll down to the section for Arduino 1.8, and right click the download link. If using Mac with single button mouse, hold control key while clicking. Select the option to copy link. Then in your browser address, paste but do not press enter. Look for the 3 digit version number. Edit to "157". Then press Enter to download the old installer.
Paul thanks for the reply. Sorry but I must be doing something stupid. I am using IDE 1.8.19 and I don't thins 2.x.x is supported on ARM
Download page, section "Arduino 1.8.x software development" , right click ARM32 & ARM64.
These are the 1.59 files to download.
If I search for Teensyduino 1.57 I fine its release page , but the link there takes you to the 1,59 download page.