Problem connecting ADXL345 to TEENSY 2.0


Several projects with accelerometers for Arduino NANO and TEENSY 4.1 work well for me.
All examples from the SparkFun_ADXL345 and Adafruit_ADXL345_U.h libraries work perfectly.
But now there is a need to connect this accelerometer to Teensy2.0. Nothing works. The processor doesn't see it. The port pin numbering is completely different. Please advise how to connect these devices so that everything works or is there some special library?
Maybe the software is incompatible, but that seems unlikely since Wire library works on Teensy 2.0. I hope you can understand newer software usually isn't tested with obsolete and discontinued products like Teensy 2.0.

More likely, you may have a "simple" mistake or misunderstanding in the hardware connection. Maybe you have a 3V vs 5V power problem? But nobody can help when you do not show your hardware wiring.
This is cirquit.


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This is a schematic diagram in PDF format. I think that the SPI port cannot be connected to other pins because the processor does not know them.


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Hi Paul.
An attempt to work through the I2C bus was also unsuccessful. Here is the connection diagram.


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