Release of Teensy 4.1 schematic and PCB files?


Hi, I'm sure this has been discussed (and debated) many times before, but I wasn't able to find any recent discussion via a forum search.

I am wondering if PJRC can revisit their decision to not provide Eagle/KiCad/(other CAD package) design files for the Teensy.

These design files are highly valuable for hobbyists who wish to get tighter integration between their custom projects and the Teensy microcontroller, or implement tweaks to the Teensy PCB design (as just one example, one may want to access a third SPI interface, which is not exposed on the Teensy as a thru-hole connection).
There is a growing movement of open hardware, and I would suggest that PJRC embrace this change by making their designs open and specify a license for use of the CAD files. PJRC sells the proprietary bootloader chip with the apparent intent of enabling custom designs, so why not go all the way and release the full design files?
Artwork for Teensy clones are already available via SparkFun MicroMod or user jenschr on GitHub. Why force hobbyists to rely on these?

TIA for reading.
Hey, did you ever figure this out? I have not been able to find Teensy 4.1 eagle/kicad files either. Looking for certain dimensions so I can make a shield for the Teensy 4.1.
No CAD schematic exists. I don't use CAD schematics. None exists in Eagle, Kicad or any other format.

For layout, I use an ancient version of Pads. I also follow a pretty unconventional process (no CAD schematic) with my own custom parts library, so even if format conversion could be done, it's unlikely to be very useful for importing to other software, especially if you follow a conventional process.

The Teensy 4.1 page has dimension drawings. If some important detail is missing, please let me know?
Thanks for the info Paul. I should be in good shape between the measurements on the 4.1 page you shared, and a pair of calipers. Just wanted to check first to make sure I wasn't missing something.