Some problems with the SD card.

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Some problems with the SD card.
I first purchased Teens 4.1 from you and tried to work with it. Deep respect for authors. That's great. In a short time, I solved the problem of creating a datalogger for an underground radar. There is a large stream on the serial port. About 200 kilobytes per second at an exchange rate of 5 Mbps. Everything works flawlessly, however, it is not possible to record such a stream without loss of information on the SD card. I do this through a 16 MB buffer in memory. I use 2 additional chips. However, this is not enough for me. Is it possible to quadruple the memory on this board? I would really appreciate your help.
Twin 8MB PSRAM chips is the most that can be accessed to date on the T_4.1.

What version of TeensyDuino is in use?

The current Beta 7 version of TeensyDuino 1.54 has changed the code behind SD.h and it run at least 5 times faster for writes - in excess of 5MB if not 10MB per second in some tests depending on process and method and the SD card.

It uses the SdFat library mapped into what was the SD library. Common access methods should be unchanged - though YMMV - if you find issues after trying the beta - post on that thread.
I cannot understand the reason. After removing Arduino IDE and re-installing version 1.8.13. With the subsequent installation of Teensyduino 1.54. half of the libraries were missing, I had to install them manually, but some libraries stopped working. For example, the example of TimeTeensy3 stopped working and requires a Tensy3Clock declaration. Naturally, the sketch stopped working. But a new library has appeared.
The error was in Teensyduino's installation.
Now everything works fine and the write speed to the SD card is high. Super!!
Bummer on the failed install but awesome it not only worked in the end - but with the improved write speed!

So the PSRAM buffers are emptying faster than they fill now and 16 MB is more than enough?
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