Suggestion: Bootloader double click token


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The teensy boards have one button that is dedicated to the bootloader. It would be nice to be able to expand the use of the button.
I would suggest that the bootloader would detect a double click and set a register in the MCU so that the application could detect that it was reset by the double click.

On the i.MX RT1060 you could store a token in one of the SNVS general purpose registers. Then the application could check the register after reset to see if the button had been double clicked. This would not be useful for a general purpose button, but it would be useful for enabling alternate modes, like activating a secondary bootloader or other maintenance modes.

Would anyone else like to see this feature in the bootloader?
There were notes on a thread some time back about alternate extensions of the Single Button function. Not sure the suggestions touched on this.

If the Teensy is available to reach the prog Button, then the T_4.x On/Off button holes are there too and a button could be attached. The On/Off button can be software captured for desired response - there is a library and thread for that information.