Teensy 2.0 dead after one flash?


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My last Teensy board will not enumerate in Windows at all, won't respond to the reset switch, and has very low voltage coming from VCC (something like 0.30V). It's for a very simple HID gaming controller, is only receiving USB power, and I've already made about ten of these with no issues. I'm at a loss as to what might have happened besides the board dying inexplicably. Is there a way to further verify or revive it?
Bumping. What's the protocol for having dud boards or even making sure it is completely dead?
0.3V on VCC means one of 2 things. Either the board isn't getting proper power, or something has shorted out and it's drawing so much power than it's dragging the 5V supply all the way down to 0.3V. If it's drawing that much power, something should be getting extremely hot.
I tested 5 different cables, one of them brand new. I just severed the VCC line coming off the Teensy and it's working again, ugh. So that means the problem is with the much harder to get board I'm trying to piggyback the Teensy to. Thanks for the lead, Paul. :)