Teensy 3.x as multi-touch


Development of USB devices is a new way for me.
My task is to develop a device based on Teensy3.1, which should control the mouse, keyboard and multi-touch on windows 7 device(oscilloscope).
I had already successfully implemented the mouse and keyboard (thanks to pjrc.com), but not found any examples or source codes to implement multi-touch. I don't want to reinvent the wheel, so I am asking for your help in this issue.
Maybe someone have already tried to or knows how to solve this problem.
Thanks, I think this is what I need!
But I don't really understand how these descriptors and endpoints.
How do I link these descriptors and functions basically the body of the program?
I was able to implement the multi-touch interface, but don't understand what data and in what sequence I need to write in the endpoint.
What methods could help me? How do I do that?