Teensy 4.1 Bluetooth connection question


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I have maybe a simple question. I am taking on a project for a colleague. We currently have a Teensy 4.1 that is connected to an ESP32 over bluetooth and wifi.

I am troubleshooting adding another component to the device. Will reuploading the code remove the bluetooth/wifi connection?

My rationale: I replaced the current teensy 4.1 with a new teensy so I did not mess anything up. I reuploaded the old code that was running on the other microcontroller, and the device could not recognize the bluetooth input. Thus, I thought maybe the bluetooth connection needs to be made individually for every microcontroller and just switching microcontrollers and uploading code will not work.

I am having trouble finding an answer to this question online.
The Teensy 4.1 has no built-in bluetooth capabilities. Nobody will be able to say for certain without knowing more details about your project - which additional hardware is being used, seeing the code involved...