Teensy 4.1 replacement Capacitor?

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I have a teensy 4.1 that was dead on arrival, I noticed a capacitor seems broken so will try to replace it.
But I need to figure out the value, its the one closest to the usb plug on the bottom, see pictures below
Any hint to the part number or capacitance value and package of this one? Thanks!

Oups missed that doc thanks! and is the package 0603?
Would this be a critical component that if broken would explain that the teensy is dead? or is it a non critical decoupling cap?
Probably still has most of its capacitance - unless its actually shorted I'd leave it as is. These caps
are a stack of parallel plates, losing some of the plates just reduces the capacitance. Ceramic fractures
tend to be very clean so I suspect its not shorting - but measure it to be sure!
Yes, 0603 size.

It's only a decoupling capacitor for the USB voltage. The board should probably still work without it, especially if used with a short USB cable.
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