U2: Gd32e230



I would like to ask about possiblity of removing U2 (GD32E230) and replacing it with the older U2: MKL02Z32VFG4.
I am conscious of different pinout.
I am also aware of need to replace U1 and U3 (due to the fact U1, U2,U3 were paired during hardware setup).

I found this post:
If you do attempt this, here are the signal locations you'll need.

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BOOT0 needs to be connected to GND for normal operation.

PSWITCH needs a low-to-high transition to turn on the 1.15V DC-DC power supply for the CPU.

MOD controls which JTAG device you access, either ARM debug or standard boundary scan. See the reference manual & datasheet for detail.

There are still some pins not mentioned in post above.
Can I get schematic for GD32E230 connection?

If it is not possible, maybe there is an option to buy teensy with MKL02Z32VFG4 installed?

Thank you.
There are still some pins not mentioned in post above.

Here is the image from that other thread, with all the signals identified.


Not sure how this is really going to help, but at least you can see which signals connect to every pin.