Uninterrupted line output with freq finder. Possible?


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Hey all,

Newbie teensy user here. After recently setting up the teensy for line in/out operation, I found that using the frequency finder disables output.

Is there any way to allow continuous output with the freq finder running in parallel? Are there any libraries that could do this?

I'll take a simple LPF with zero cross detection at this point. I'm guessing the computational needs of the algorithm requires this limitation. Thanks!
What exactly is meant by "frequency finder"?
Are you using the audio board and the audio library?
Correct, I'm using the audio board/shield and the audio library, using the line in/outs, with the simple design below.

By frequency finder I mean the 'noteFreq' tool provided in the audio system design web tool: https://github.com/duff2013/AudioTuner

The begin function is disabling the output. I see the updated library has a disable function, so I may go the route of periodically calling it based on some criteria, but I'm hoping I can avoid that.