wire1.begin() hangs my app


Hi, in teensyduino 1.58.1 usage of Wire1.begin() hangs my app on teensy 4.0 board : no errors after compiling and arduino (2.1.1) says upload ok but the app does not run;
when I comment Wire1.begin() in the cpp file it runs, at least I can see starting the app : the code for blinking the led runs and the displays initializes.
in 1.57.2 it runs ok
see attachments for the code
anybody idea what is the cause ? what am i doing wrong ?


  • myclock-myds3231-myds18b20-espist7735-rotary.ino
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  • myDs3231.cpp
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  • myDs3231.h
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From the .INO:
#include <myDs3231.h>
myDs3231 myds3231(1);

And the .cpp
myDs3231::myDs3231(int dummy) {
  Wire1.begin();               //wire wire1 en wire2 zijn beschikbaar op teensy (i2c)
  //  Wire.setSDA(18); // wire1 17; dit is niet nodig
  //  Wire.setSCL(19); // wire1 16; dis is niet nodig

The Wire1.begin() is done at a bad time in the constructor with the tool change.

This may be something addressed in TD 1.59 Beta 3 - when it is released?

For a chance to see it work now - move that from the myDs3231::myDs3231() and put it in setup()
constructor causes T_4.x hang with wire.begin TD .1.58

Great. IIRC : There was another thread with notes on getting resolution to issues 'like' this going forward with new releases of TeensyDuino 1.59

Not sure of the status of that and relationship to Wire for issues like this ... perhaps somebody from that thread will see this ...