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Thread: Advice on Charging a 3.6 Volt Lion Coin Cell

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    Advice on Charging a 3.6 Volt Lion Coin Cell

    Hi guys, Iím trying to determine the best IC to use for charging a small 3.6V ~30 mAh lion coin battery. Iíve found mixed opinions regarding wether or not you can charge a 3.6V battery in chargers designed for 3.7V.

    Is it fine to use a chip like an mcp7383?

    Is 4.2V an excessive amount of voltage to put into a 3.6 volt cell?

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    There is only one way to know, read the datasheet of the battery you want to use.
    It will probably tell you that 4.2V is fine.
    Also don't forget to check if the minimum current the charger can deliver is not higher than the maximum battery charging current.

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    Thanks! These are from alibaba and donít have any info unfortunately. Iíll give it a shot with the mcp and see how they do

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