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Thread: New led blinking Teensy LC not recognized by Windows 10 as HID device or teensyduino

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    New led blinking Teensy LC not recognized by Windows 10 as HID device or teensyduino

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    I recently purchased a new Teensy LC since my old one was not being recognized on my Windows 10 PC, as the thread title says. I have installed and tested both Arduino 1.8.9 and 1.8.11 followed by teensyduino 1.53 installation and have followed the troubleshooting protocol for the new teensy module not being recognized.

    My new Teensy LC red LED blinks when I connect it to my pc USB port, and the pushbutton stops the blinking, but my pc does not make a sound when I plug it into a USB port, no new HID device is shown on the device manager (as shown in the attached picture), and the Teensy Loader never detects it when I press the program button, or by previously pressing it before connecting it to the PC while Teensy loader is running. I have tested with two USB cables, both of which have been tested with smartphones that have been recognized by my windows 10 pc. Right now I am out of ideas. What could possibly be the culprit to this? My guess is that it is something related to windows 10.

    Please help!
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    My first thought was a power-only USB cable but you tested that apparently.
    Did you try another PC/laptop? Did you plug in the USB cable all the way into the Teensy LC USB connector?


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    Indeed this has all the hallmarks of a charge-only cable, except 2 cables are said to be known good.

    Still, all signs point to the Teensy getting power but no data. I suppose it's theoretically possible the USB connector could be damaged. But it's doing the LED blink which means it passed testing at PJRC using a USB cable to load the LED blink program. Or maybe a USB hub is detective or crashed somehow? Or maybe a "strange Windows problem" which usually gets cured by a reboot?

    For some reason that Teensy is getting power and isn't getting data, and to be honest none of those are particularly likely explanations. A charge only cable is the only likely cause. Maybe recheck those 2 cables?

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    I had one problem where the USB port on my desktop PC latched up and stopped talking to the Teensy (4.1 in this case). Re-start didn't work, I had to completely power down, including switching off at the back of the PSU for a couple of minutes, before the port responded again. I don't now recall if I tried other ports, but I'd've thought so, so it could have been deeper in the system that the latch-up occurred. Desktop PCs often leave a trickle of power on when nominally off, for USB charging and the like, which is why a complete power off is just occasionally needed.



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