Arduino IDE 2.3.2?

I've been using 2.3.2 for months with teensyduino and it's fine. There are a fews issues but I just ask on the Arduino forum when they arise
I've updated the web page with words "All versions 2.0.4 and later are supported. Versions 2.3.0 or later are recommended, due to improvements in Boards Manager." I also changed "2.0.x" to "2.x.x".

Arduino added the ability for a "pre-uninstall" script starting in version 2.3.0. All the Teensyduino packages were updated to include that script. It's not a big deal for MacOS and Linux, but really helps avoid some unpleasant problems with Windows.

Very old versions 2.0.0 to 2.0.3, and the many pre-2.0 betas, are no longer supported since we switched to ZSTD compression (first supported in 2.0.4) which really speeds up download and install times.