Does the Teensy 4,.1 support multiple USB devices on the host connector by use of a hub?


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Subject line pretty much says it all. I'm thinking about trying to hook a couple of USB devices, to a Teensy 4.1 using the Host connector. Can I put a USB hub in there to allow me to attach both devices?
Yes, given a HUB a device that works alone can generally - certainly tested with multiple devices and should be HUB examples.
There is a big thread going back to tested devices and development as well.
Yes, I have had no issues connecting multiple USB devices using USB hubs, but only if the hub only has USB ports. If it has other features like HDMI or SD card reader then I can't get it to work.
Yes, hubs are supported.

The one gotcha to keep in mind is hubs with more than 4 ports are usually built with multiple 4 port hub chips. That's why you usually see 7 or 10 ports, because 1 or 2 ports on the first 4 port hub chip get used to connect the other 4 port hub chips. A consumer sees a 10 port hub, and they're blissfully unaware it's really 3 hubs inside. So remember you'll need to have 3 hub instances in your program if you want to support a 10 port hub.