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You really should include Asia (SeeedStudio has worldwide shipping over $50 $USD) in your list.:cool:
oops ... New Zealand is in Asia?
SeeedStudio is not a Teensy distributor. It would be nice to have a reputable Asian distributor. Also on my wish list is a distributor for Latin America. :)

We now have a distributor in Asia, FabtoLab in India :)
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Unfortunately we don't have any distributors in the UK at this time. We should have a French distributor coming soon. I'll update the list when they have Teensy products up on their web site.
What about UK dealers ?
none of them have stock of the Teensy 3.0 at the minute, does anyone know of any others ?

Try Floris in the Netherlands. Their site is in English, and they have Teensy 3.0 in stock. I have ordered from them several times.
"It would be nice to have a reputable Asian distributor."
I just wanted to ask if is deemed not reputable or if India was in Africa.

Also I wanted to add that became the most popular electronics store in India and globally, as since May-2013 its Alexa rank surpassed all the oldies and biggies in India, all this in mere 6 months of its existence. has been instrumental in popularising the Teensy board in the Arduino dominated Indian subcontinent.
We were the first to believe in the teensy board in India and all others followed suit, "after" Sparkfun introduced it, much later than
"It would be nice to have a reputable Asian distributor."
I just wanted to ask if is deemed not reputable or if India was in Africa.

The list in the first post is continually updated. Probably, when the comment was made on 28 April about distributors in Asia, there weren't any listed; apparently one has been added since.
We have been buying and selling Teensies from PJRC since 2012. So it also amazes us to see ourselves so down south in the list. We should not be there alphabetically, chronologically or geographically !! Sales, may be:) but Teensy sales are picking up in the subcontinent and people have taken good note of it off late. Besides, we have received Teensy orders from Europe and Asian customers of ours :) It would be nice to have a Teensy distributors page on
We have many hopes and aspirations to improve our web site. On the list of the many things that we know we need to improve includes creating a distributor page. Unfortunately resources are stretched a little thin right now, but we are working on some plans to change that. These plans involve the Accountant learning HTML, so please be patient. :)

In the mean time, while I'm brushing up on HTML skills, I've put the list of distributors on our forum. We really appreciate all of our distributors and believe they are all reputable companies. I will update this list as we add new distributors. There are a few coming in France and in Canada. As soon as I see product up on their web pages I will add them along with links to the products.
I've updated the distributor list and added links directly to Teensy products. There is no significance to the order of the distributors on the list, other than PJRC being listed first because, well.... I'm biased. ;)

The distributors are grouped by continent and country. The countries are listed alphabetically within each continent group and the distributors are listed alphabetically within each country. North America is listed first because, like I said, I'm biased and wanted PJRC listed first. (Also, according to our customer demographics, North America has the largest segment of customers) Europe is listed second because that is where are second largest segment of customers is located.
I am happy to say that we now have a distributor in France. SnootLab is carrying the Teensy 3.0, Teensy ++ 2.0, and Teensy 2.0.
PJRC has added distributor in Poland. Nettigo is now carrying Teensy 2.0, Teensy ++ 2.0, and Teensy 3.0
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