Official Distributors

SK Pang is a SparkFun distributor, who in turn is a PJRC Distributor. If you buy from SK Pang you are most likely getting an authentic Teensy, but I cannot give an absolute guarantee.
Great News, we have now have a distributor in Malaysia. Rocket Scream is now an official distributor.
My delivery from SK Pang arrived last week.

Another distributor added to the list! OpenLab in Australia is now carrying the Teensy 3.1
We have added another distributor! RobotShop is now carrying the Teensy 3.1. They serve Canada, US, and Europe.
I'm not sure whether they are an 'official' direct distributor or whether they buy their Teensy's from either Adafruit or Sparkfun and resell them, but if you want to pick up Teensy's at a brick and mortar store in Massachusetts, the store You-do-it ( sells Teensy 3.1's, the octws2811 adapter, the pixelmatrix adapter, the audio adapter, etc. I don't recall if they sell Teensy 3.0's or Teensy 2.0/2.0++'s.
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We'll take a closer look at the specs on the page and advise them of any changes that need to be made.
FYI - Talking with Eric on the Robotshop side, the key features they list were due to the table up on PJRC website: In particular:

Shows the Key features of Teensy is that they are AVR 16mhz processors... (Probably should remove that line as only applies to Teensy 2 and 2++)

Any Asian distributors carrying the Mini54 chips? Ordering to India via USPS is an exercise in frustration and I'm not paying US$90 to ship 2 $8 chips via UPS.
Great News! We now have a distributor in Singapore. SGBotic is carrying the Teensy 3.1 and Teensy ++ 2.0
There was an unexpected delay with the purple boards. More are in production now, so they should be in stock again within a few weeks. I don't have an exact date, and I shouldn't really speak on behalf of OSH Park. But I can tell you this: Don't Panic. More are on the way.

Plenty of the normal green boards are in stock.
Both Canadian suppliers charge $8 OR $10 for shipping on a $22.80 Teensy 3.1. Getting them from OshPark is cheaper !? WTF?
Paul, if OSH Park is still in the business of selling Teensy 3.1's one really wouldn't know it from their website. The page I linked above gives no indication that any more are on the way, regardless of color. It simply says, "Sold out." Nothing about future stock or pre-order, etc.