Order audioShield revD instead of revD2


I order some audio shield form digikey, their website are saying revD, the datasheet says revD but I received a revD2.
I want to build some audio plateform 4i4o, so I absolutely need a revD not a D2. (to have access to the I2C adress of both chips)
How can we get the real revD ?
Thank you
Order direct from PJRC. I can confirm we have only rev D here.

To get 4 channel audio, you can use those rev D2 (for channel 1-2) together with rev D (for channel 3-4).
Thanks that's what I wanted to do !

The only issue I see to order directly from PJRC is the fact that I'm from Canada so I'll have some taxes for the import ?

But if this is the only option I'll be sure considering it !
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