Pin pitch for ethernet connection

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Hello there, first time poster here

My question is about the 6 pins used for the IDC cable that connects Teensy 4.1 to a magnetic ethernet jack.

Basically if I connect the Teensy 4.1 to my own baseboard via single row female pin headers (0.1") AND connect the ethernet jack via 2x3 female headers (2mm) - instead of ribbon cable - will there be enough clearance to insert both? It looks quite close.

Secondly, I will be placing the ethernet jack on my base board as close to the socket for the Teensy as possible. I'm sure it will be a better connection than the IDC ribbon cable. Do I need to be overly concerned about trace widths / interference of my traces? I'm sure the answer is no, but wanted to check if anyone else can comment on this.

Many thanks!
Paul sells 3x2 pins and sockets and they work great for custom boards. No clearance issues on my end. I just used this footprint in KiCad
You can see an example on the store here.

As for the interference, I'm not sure if it is absolutely necessary but I noticed Paul kept pairs the same length (assuming by the squiggles) on his ethernet adapter board so out of caution I also squiggled my traces to make them similar lengths and everything works just fine. It may not be perfect but I just used the "Highlight Net" feature in KiCad to give me the length of the traces. I would recommend making R+ and R- the same/similar length as well as T+ and T-. I'm not sure about trace width but I used 0.25mm.
It is quite close. It definitely does fit if you buy the pins and sockets PJRC sells.


If you buy others parts, maybe match up their sizes with the dimensions drawing on the Teensy 4.1 page.
Thanks from drawing my attention to that. The info was so easy to find on the main website that I didn't even look there.

And thanks for the info Paul. Do you have a UK partner I can buy these from, as shipping from US is quite pricey and need the parts quite soon? No doubt I can find them from a large global online marketplace (!) but just asking here first...
Closing this duplicate thread.

Please discuss the 3x2 header+socket part here:

The PJRC product page for 3x2 header+socket now links to that thread. My hope is people who want to buy alternate parts can find this info, so trying to move all conversation to that thread were people viewing the PJRC product page can find it. (yes, PJRC is fine with people buying other parts...)
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