The strangest thing…


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So I’m compiling and uploaded to my t4.1. Everything goes weird. The teensy does not boot. I can no longer see it as a port in arduino. I check the pc, leads to a restart. Get a blue screen. Finally manage to get the pc back up. Open up arduino and again I cannot see the teensy as a port. I had already pressed upload so it’s in the compile process. I grab another teensy and plug it in a new port. The moment I do that some text appears at the top of my current open ino page.

“Hello world 0”

Very odd. I never write hello world 🤦‍♂️

Network disconnected and checking things now.
Odd . Every time I plug this other teensy in I get this hello world text appears in the ide in my code at the cursor position. The integer increases each time. Still can’t see it as a port, but teensyduino responds to a button press on tge 4.1. I try to use putty to check serial and get a pop up error unable to connnect to hello world n and putty closes.
Ah well it gets even weirder. The teensy is outputting this hello world message with the counter. Must be the blink sketch? But it’s writing code directly into arduino sketch file at the cursor position.
Finally got a port in arduino and serial monitor to open. Now I see the numbers and it’s no longer writing to the sketch.
Close serial monitor and it starts writing to the sketch again, with the hello world text prefixing the counter.
Where did you get the second Teensy from? Sounds like it has been pre-programmed to act as a USB Keyboard.