Utility to convert PowerPoint slides to ILI9341_t3 code


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If you use ILI9341_t3 libs and common screens, you may find it tedious in writing the display screens, especially if you have lots of graphical items like boxes and text.

I find it easier to prototype screens in PowerPoint where I can get the look and feel before writing code. And to make coding easier I wrote a small macro that live inside PowerPoint that converts PowerPoint graphical objects to code that runs on the ILI9341_t3 screens.

My macro will convert Lines, text boxes, rectangles, circles, and triangles. Where supported by the ILI9341 driver, gradients can also be used we well as solid fill colors. The code will leverage any font and size but you MUST have the fonts created in order to compile the created INO file. Slide 1 lists its usage and supported items.

The supplied PowerPoint has a very odd size in order to get an applied font size to look close to the generated result. If you use something other than 320 x 240 you will have to adjust the slide size and modify the scale factor that is part of the generated code.

Maybe this will help you create cool screens.

Here's a pic of the PPT and created screen


Here's a link the the PPT. Note it does have a macro, so you will need to allow macros

@KrisKasprzak - very cool !!!! This really will make life easier - at least for me since I know PowerPoint real well :) Will come in handy for my next project!
Could you add an example of the ino file to the Github repo?

I have PP on a Mac (latest version) but I don't think it supports developer mode - I guess I can only use this on a PC?