Artduino 2.1.1 and Teensyduino doesn't show File>Examples after installation


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I am running Windows 10 and Arduino 2.1.1. I installed at board manager>Teensy 1.58.1. I originally had examples but I was looking for usbhost_t36 and didn't see it so I tried to reinstall the Teensy library in Board's Manager to see if it would show. After a restart I don't see any Teensy based examples in File>Examples at all. I see the "custom libraries" and I see the basic arduino examples but I don't see the normal Teensy examples.

So I reverted back to 1.58.0, no examples.

Then I went back to 1.58.1, no examples.

Then I uninstalled it completely, and reinstalled it, no examples.

Then I uninstalled Arduino completely, then reinstalled it, reinstalled the latest Teensyduino, no examples.

I tried running arduino as Admin (right click>run as admin), uninstall, reinstall, no examples.

What could I be doing wrong? How can I get the examples to install?

Version: 2.1.1
Date: 2023-06-30T16:04:40.277Z
CLI Version: 0.32.3

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To get the examples, you also need to have a Teensy board selected. Only installing the Teensyduino software isn't enough. Arduino IDE supports so many boards. Its menu shows examples for only the 1 board you currently have selected, among all you have installed.

If Teensy is plugged into your PC (and the USB cable works - power only cables are a common problem) you can just select it from the drop-down list in the toolbar. If no Teensy is connected, you can still select it from the Tools > Boards menu.

The File > Examples menu automatically changes depending on which board is actually selected. So even if you've installed Teensyduino 1.58.1, the menu will still show you the stuff for some other board. Here is what I see if I select Arduino Uno. Notice the menu tells you which board it's configured based on Tools > Board setting.


If you're seeing this, just click Tools > Board and look for the Teensy sub-menu and select which Teensy you have. Then the File > Examples menu will reconfigure for Teensy.