JLCPCB Teensy Headers?


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Hi all,

I'm having some boards made by JLCPCB and I'm looking for a solution to hold the Teensy 4.0 with headers. Normally when I'm assembling I start with a 40 pin female header and cut it into two 14s.

JLC has zillions of parts but the descriptions can be...challenging, so it would be great to know if anyone has found something that they know works!

I recently bought some 14 and 24 pin headers from Chinese suppliers on ebay, They are enroute right now, so I haven't seen them yet:
For Teensy 4.0 stacking headers as well as low height headers, the Adafruit ItsyBitsy has the same pinout as the Teensy 4.0:
Sparkfun has the following stacking header. Note, the also have a Teeny 4.0 stacking header, but I don't like that since it has 2x 13-pin headers + 1x 7-pin header, which doesn't work if you adding headers to the audio shield:
Thanks for the reply! For clarification I'm not looking for individual headers for purchase, this is for PCB assembly at JLC. I'm having my boards assembled which is pretty neat but also a bit terrifying as I won't know if the connectors work until they arrive!

Those short headers that Adafruit have are pretty cool though!
I have found it expensive to have JLCPCB put through hole headers on a PCB as they charge a surcharge for Hand Soldering, which is what they have to do.

Soldering headers is not too much of a problem.
I use turned pin sockets/headers since they give a lower overall height, though they do not allow for stacking.

Turned Pin Headers and sockets.
...and some more from AliExpress.

If height/presentation is really a problem then info on this thread might help.
Not quite answering our question....but if you are going to make more than a few boards at JLC you might also want to look at the Sparkfun MicroMods. The micro mod connector I use at JLC with their assembled service is C7498141 cheers, Paul
I love the turned pin sockets and headers! I often use them when I'm assembling things. This project has a tight timeline and I'm incredibly swamped so I was planning on ordering the 4.0 with pins option as well as having the PCBs assembled for me. It's not how I normally do it, but for this time it makes sense!

I had never considered the MicroMod version...interesting idea!
Conversely I find the turned pin sockets hard to use and often they bend an IC pin - the standard type seen better as they have a very wide path to accept a pin.
I have built nearly 100 teensy 3.2, 3.6, 4.0 and 4.1 boards at JLCPCB.
For the 3.2 and 4.0 I specify the 16-pin SMD available at JLCPCB. I just waist the
two additional pins on both sides.