[posted] Custom Keypad with Teensy


I finally completed my first Teensy project. It's a custom keypad in a vertical format for use with graphics software alongside a Wacom tablet. It uses a Teensy 4, a micro SD Card and 3.75" TFT LCD Display to show the more common macros and functions matching color coded keycaps. The Teensy uses my custom code to handle dozens of key 'layers', USB HID emulation, macros, screen saver, brightness and other items. The micro SD card allows persistent storage of preference settings that can be set with the keypad itself, and everything is kept local within the Teensy/micro SD Card with no drivers on the computers for a truly OS agnostic device connected via USB.

My thanks go out to those on this forum who helped me hurdle some of the challenges on this project involving hardware challenges, and of course Paul for the Teensy itself!

More details about the project and processes involved during can be found here...
beautiful looking custom keyboard and excellent writeup of the process

p.s. love T800 arm also :)
Nice, very nice

Didn't gave the thickness of the wood ergonomical (usability) problems? I suppose (see) that the height is rather high compared to the wacom tablet or a normal keyboard or something like a tangent element.

Off course that's mostly a problem at the front.