Problem when uploading program to T4.1 in IDE 2.0.2

@Defragster - please start a new thread regarding any issues other than this problem where Arduino 2.0.2's Upload becomes disabled. Maybe edit msg #13 & msg #14 to be just a link to that new thread? Let's keep this thread only about the issue where Upload gets disabled (for reasons as-yet unknown...)

Paul - I created a new thread... I have not edited the ones above. Probably Defragster would be better at transferring the applicable information from those postings into the other thread.
Indeed, KurtE caught the 'new thread' note before I saw it - moved those long 'repro' posts over ... New thread is: Arduino-IDE2-Serial-Monitor-sometimes-does-not-work-continue-from-Upload-Thread

Just came back from 'title' scanning open IDE 2 issues and didn't see anything covering that issue - got as far as the olde issue I created where 'Serial Print Speed' sketch at 480 Mbps won't allow disable of AUtoScroll.

Looked at issue\1508 and that is a 'port open by other' conflict that doesn't apply. Perhaps will make cleaner sketch and post there and if clear repro open an IDE issue ...
Rather than pour a lot more time into this issue, which is probably in the Arduino IDE code, I'm going to "solve" it by detecting when "Serial ports" was used to select Teensy. Future versions will print this extra message.
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This solution is s bit of an annoyance when not using the Arduino IDE, because that message is now shown on every upload. Is there a flag that can suppress it?

I use Visual Studio with VisualMicro, which is awesome, and I'd like to not have this new bit of clutter -- image attached.