Teensy 4.1 How to start using FlexIO?

@miciwan I just read your document on the wiki for the third time. It's great, really super helpful. But, do you have some examples other than the 12 bit wide transfer?

It would be great if you could perhaps start with the simplest example, one pin input for some different word sizes, say 8, 12, 16 bit words, and then the same thing as output. The next really important example would be two data streams in parallel. Then perhaps an 8 bit wide transfer, and finally, your tour-de-force, 12 bit wide.

Having the 12 bit word transfer as the only example feels a little like trying to learn fiddle by starting ith Blackberry Blossum. (I have a friend who did that, but it's not usual.)

HI, any chance of a simpler example? The business of routing through xbar seems a special case, from using so many pins. I could crib from what you have done, but when I get to that part I am stuck. I have no clue how to set it up when I do not need xbar.

Could you possibly, please show us an example with just two serial channels running in parallel?

Thank you