TLV320AIC3105 Codec in TDM mode

For Tympan, we got PDM digital mics working with the TI AIC3206 and the AIC3212. So, not your AIC. Also, we were doing I2S, not TDM. So, totally not what you asked.

If you thought it might be helpful, uou're welcome to take a look,l...



In both cases, see the method "enableDigitalMicInputs(void)"

I've used your code a ton! Actually all my stuff started with yours and I've just edited it. Thank you so much for having it out there!
I need to go look again at what you have in the mic section.
Right now i think the mic is working but it is very faint and overwhelmed by loud noise like Jayshoe described and sounds like a clock problem. So I wonder if I need to invert the bit as described above. (I'm typing from a bar so may be mistaken.)