Using the IDE offline


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I'm using IDE 2.3.2
My internet went down today while I was using the IDE, and stayed down for a few hours.
After that compiling became really slow, like maybe 10 times as long.
It persisted even after a re-opened the IDE.
I really avoid the cloud so I'm hoping there's a way to stop this?
This is really a question for Arduino. Probably best to ask on their forum.

I can confirm, as of version 1.59, the Teensy software does not use internet connectivity. Everything installed from PJRC runs locally on your machine.

Future (probably distant future) versions might use the internet, but no plans for "cloud". Most likely future internet feature would be something like "send this error directly to PJRC".

The old versions of Arduino (1.8.19 was the last) had a "portable mode" you could activate by creating a folder. The Teensyduino installer for those old versions detects portable mode and installs specific to that setup. This mode makes a copy of Arduino IDE which is completely self contained. Unfortunately the new versions don't have anything like this. But if you really need it and you can use the old version, it might be worth a look.
OK thanks. I'll persist with 2.3.2 but it's definitely good to know 1.8.19 is still a useful fallback.
IDE 1.8.19 also has this "Check for updates ..." in the 'Preferences' that isn't on the UI in IDE 2.x

If IDE 2.x has a similar setting under the covers that might stop it from 'looking online'?
Arduino forum might know about that.

And with that turned Off IDE 1.8.19 might not look for net connectivity.
That link presents these steps and now (re)starting IDE 2 doesn't prompt for updates to misc drivers from non-Teensy boards once touched:
Press the Ctrl + Shift + P  keyboard shortcut ( Command + Shift + P  for macOS users) to open the "Command Palette".
Select the "Preferences: Open Settings (UI)" command from the menu.
A "Preferences" tab will now open. Type arduino.checkForUpdates in the "Search Settings" field.
Uncheck the checkbox under the "Check For Updates" setting.
Click the X icon on the "Preferences" tab to close the tab.

Not sure if that stops all NET queries - but is less annoying ... Though not sure it will ever look for desired updates in future.

IDE 2 starts and appears ready to use MUCH faster now as well.
OK great, I've toggled that setting and will see how it goes ...

Curious: what % of teeny users are on 1.8.19 ? I've been using 2.x.x since late last year and it's "OK" despite the flaws
(although I could do without the random RESTART request at startup that occasionally sends me into a frustrating restart, restart, restart cycle).