Help with List of Teensy Eurorack modules

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I am exploring OSC (Open Sound Control) integration with Eurorack Modules. My starting point is developing a list of modules that build on Teensy 3.x.

Could you please help me by adding modules you know of that I haven't found:
Closed: Varigate-8 FLXS1 TSNM
Open: Drum Machine EuroTrash mk II Radio Music Chord Organ Magpie Dodeca Ornament and Crime Orgon Accumulator Glitch Delay Audio Freeze Kronos Teensy Audio Playground
Here's a few more that are currently in the queue to appear on the website blog.

This is a modular-like project

This one isn't technically modular synth, and my understanding is it's only MIDI at this point, but a synth version might be in the works?

Stargazer isn't modular - pretty much the opposite, but is using a Teensy as the synth engine.
eurorack Step Divider

I really like the DIY nature of this built with wires!

If we were to show this on the blog (hopefully that's ok?) how would you describe the purpose of this module? You know... you people with some general knowledge of electronics but not modular syntheis and specifically what a "step divider" does?
Hi Paul,

I will put video up in the next day or two and link it from the git repo if that helps. In the meantime: step divider is a utility module, it doesn't produce sound on its own, it takes an incoming clock, and uses that to sync other modules to subdivisions of time. so you can send a clock to trigger another sound, such as a drum, or another sequencer, at every nth step of the original. So, say, every second beat, or fourth beat. IF you use odd numbers in the divider, you start to get some groove.

Now, if you start to rotate that subdivision on each clock input, things get interesting in the world of modulation. This divider moves the step division along each time also, so it rotates around the divisions. Or, you can push the button and have it regular.

This is a module for those that know their rack, as although it has voltage clamping on the clock input for over voltage protection, it only uses diodes on the clock outs.
Sweet Sixteen (eurorack module based on Teensy, derivative work from 16n),
16 channels of:
-midi & CV & i2C controller,
-CV to midi & CV to i2C converter,
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